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Are bed bugs spoiling your sleep? Rely on Diamondback Pest Management to eliminate them. We can take care of pests like ticks, bees, wasps, cluster flies, carpenter ants, Asian beetles, bed bugs, and more. 

Our professional and efficient team can provide you with high-quality insect control services that can be customized according to your unique needs. Contact us today to get FREE estimates.

Our Spring and Fall Insect Removal Service

•  Spring Service
This service is provided during the summers. It is a reliable solution to protect yourself from stinging insects, ants, and spiders for 3 to 4 months, depending on the weather conditions. There are a few exceptions to these like flies, lady beetles, and fleas.

In this process, we spray a chemical around your house. This includes the outside of the foundation, windows, doors, and under the eaves. It is left to you if you wish to have the indoors sprayed around the baseboards, basement, or the crawl space. There's no price difference if only the outside is sprayed.

•  Fall Service
This service is similar to the spring service. If you're being troubled by cluster flies, then you can get in touch with us for insect control services. In this service, indoor spraying is not offered. We can also provide you with mouse bait stations on request.
Carpenter ant

Get Rid of Wood-Destroying Insects

•  Carpenter ants 
The initial signs you'll see if carpenter ants have infested your house are fine sawdust, numerous ants, or visible damage inside or outside the home. These ants are known to establish a colony inside the home and build several satellite nests outside. They mostly thrive in moist or decaying wood but they can also infest normal wood if the conditions are right.

Note: Existing customers are protected from carpenter ants with our spring service. If you currently have carpenter ants, they must be taken care of before a spring or fall service is applied for to prevent further damage.

•  Carpenter Bees
Did you know that the carpenter bees lay eggs in wood? There can be great damage in the structure after it has been utilized by the bees for years. Treatment must be done on the damaged area to get rid of these carpenter bees from your home.

We suggest an annual maintenance program that will help in keeping the bees from returning to your home. We also recommend that the holes are filled after being treated.

•  Powderpost Beetles
The life of these beetles starts with an egg hatching into a larva. The larva will then chew its way out of the wood. Powderpost beetles are controlled by inspecting the wood and finding the exit holes. We treat this hole and the place where they have laid eggs. The chemical sprayed in the holes travels to the tunnels and prevents eggs from hatching in the future.

Other Insects That We Can Eliminate for You

•  Mosquitoes
•  Yard ants
•  Fleas
•  Cockroaches
•  Bed bugs

We also provide wildlife control services.
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